Portfolio Category: Armour Development

Tyre Changing Machine (Army Vehicles)

The Engine Engineering Company broke new ground by designing and manufacturing the first of its kind Run Flat tyre changing machine for Armed vehicles and heavy vehicles in the Middle East. Boasting of international standards in design, workmanship and superior quality materials, it’s soon becoming the preferred tyre changing machine. Its advantage is its world...
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Vehicle Conversion

Many vehicles of varying models have been converted to weapon carrying platforms:
  • Commercial vehicle modified from chassis up to weapon carrier.
  • Installed with Nimer basic ring mount and multi weapon hard mount
  • Front weapon mount for GPMG
  • Conversion includes crew survival requirements, storage and additional seating.
  • Based upon a popular commercial vehicle.
  • All support spares available from commercial outlets.
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Nimer II

Introduction to the new NIMER II LAV The Nimer II Light Armoured Vehicle has been designed specifically for use by Military, Police and Internal Security Forces. Nimer II is operationally capable of fulfilling a variety of roles and is available in a family of variants. This very versatile vehicle offers extremely high mobility and balistic protection. This protection...
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