Nimer Turrets (CUPOLAS)


This one-man weapon station designed for various APC’s, RECCE’s and Light Arm vehicles is fitted overhead. The entire structure has a basic ballistic protection against 7.62 Ball. To meet future demands, additional protection can be easily mounted. Targeted to meet demanding requirements for land attack, the Nimer Turret’s ingenuity serves two purposes:

  • Provides fire support and gunner protection
  • Armour protection against small arms 7.62 mm ball and armour piercing and shell fragments
  • All round vision without Turret rotation through armoured glass

Check out our PDF compilation of turret designs we manufacture:

click here to view pdf about Nimer Turrets

Can be fitted with a multi soft mount accepting 0.50 mm HMG, 40 mm grenades and 7.62 mm GPMG, 5.56 mm

The following addons/upgrades can be fitted as per the user requirements:

  • Front gear armour protection can be added
  • Front protection & glass for viewing can be added
  • Glass ballistic protection to 7.62 mm
  • Armoured protected gunner
  • Protection armour, bolts directly on to ring mount