Ring Mounts

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DescriptionInner diameterOuter diameter
DIA 750 MM - 75011 750 MM 930 MM
DIA 850 MM - 85013/14 850 MM 1010 MM
DIA 900 MM - 900127 905 MM 1070 MM
  • Provides fire support and gunner protection.
  • Armour protection against small arms 7.62 mm ball and armour piercing and shell fragments.
  • All round vision without Turret rotation through armoured glass.

viagra from thailand Can be fitted with a multi soft mount accepting 0.50 mm HMG, 40 mm grenades and 7.62 mm GPMG, 5.56 mm

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vigora 100 http://rinneradio.com/commerce.php?search=buy-cialis-in-japan buy cialis in japan The following addons/upgrades can be fitted as per the user requirements:

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  • Front gear armour protection can be added
  • Front protection & glass for viewing can be added
  • Glass ballistic protection to 7.62 mm
  • Armoured protected gunner
  • Protection armour, bolts directly on to ring mount