Nimer II

Introduction to the new NIMER II LAV

The Nimer II Light Armoured Vehicle has been designed specifically for use by Military, Police and Internal Security Forces.

Nimer II is operationally capable of fulfilling a variety of roles and is available in a family of variants.

This very versatile vehicle offers extremely high mobility and balistic protection. This protection offers non penetration of 7.62 mm ball and 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds, it also includes protection from small mines. The protection is 360 at the point blank range and included within the armour are the twin fuel tanks, engine compartment and all other key services.

The Nimer II with its high performance specification is ideally suited for both on and off road operation and embraces proven performance to include very rough terrain, deserts and marshlands. Its performance in built up city areas was foremost in the design stages. Compactness and high maneuverability in the narrowest of streets or alleyways is yet another feature of this vehicle.

With all of these key design features, Nimer II provides the police, Army Border Patrols and Internal Security with an ideal vehicle to provide a very detailed operations capability.

During the design and development phases of Nimer II it was extensively and operationally tested across the hostile terrain and summer temperatures of the Sultanate of Oman. The Name NIMER is thus well chosen as it translates to Arabic as TIGER.

Download schematic for the Nimer II

Specification of Nimer II LAV

Basic Info
Country Of Origin Sultanate Of Oman
Designation LAPC – NIMER II
Configuration 4×4 Vehicle
Crew 2+4
Total Length 5105 mm
Total width 2205 mm
Width (w/o spare wheels) 1770 mm
Height 2070 mm
Wheel Base 3180 mm
Gross vehicle Weight 3200 kg
Power to weight ratio 42.18 hp/ton
Minimum Turning Radius 7500 mm
Hull & Glass
Armour type Armored steel
Armour protection Level B6
Armament As per client ( 5.56, 7.62, MK 19, 0.50’’ & Taw missile launcher)
Evasive protection 2-banks of 4 tubes 76mm. smoke grenade Launcher
Standard Equipments Drivers tool set
Jerry can holder
Fire Extinguisher
Gun mounting provision
Towing Hooks and winch
spare wheels
Power Train
Engine model 4 Stroke-cycle water-cooled Diesel Engine
Fuel system Fuel Injection
Air cleaner Cyclone with pre-cleaner type
Number of cylinders 6 cylinder,OHC
Displacement 4164 CC
Max. out put 135 hp at 3800 rpm
Max. torque 29.6 kg.m at 2200 rpm